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Have you ever thought of executing your computer operation actions at a preset time, just like you are performing such actions by person at that time? ActMaker can help you to realize this thought. What you need to do is just to record the task and preset the time for its execution. You can preset these task to be done automatically every day, every week, or every month. To realize that you just need to make simple settings. You don?ˇĄt need to worry about your work any more because Actmaker will complete those work on time for you. If your are an office staff, it can help you to conduct data statistics work, fill out report statements, and send mails, on time. If you are a database administrator, it can help you to maintain the data, backup the data and sample the data, on time.

ActMaker 2.5 is a mouse clicker with simple interface and practical functions. The clicker can record you daily operation of the computer and reduce your workload. It is everyone’s dream to finish their tasks easily. If you do your job on computer, this software is fit for you. Download and try the clicker. It will bring you a surprise.