Here is an example of scheduled running of ActMaker2.5. Open the notepad program at the interval of 15 minutes 20 seconds.

a) First record the complete series of actions involved in opening up of the notepad program. 1) Press Ctrl+F11 to start recording. (When run for the first time, the program will prompt you for the way you want the recording to be ended. If an animation shows up in the lower right corner, the program is at a recording status). 2) Then , you make the series of actions to open the notepad program.
3) Finally, you press Ctrl+F9 to end recording. The trail of the operations you took just now is already recorded in the newly produced file. (Press Ctrl+F10 to see the actions just recorded).
b) Then, select the action file you recorded just now in the main program window, and press “Schedule” button to enter the Schedule window. You can see five schedule types, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly, Interval. You select Interval here and you can see options change accordingly below. The time editing bar on the right is used to set the baseline time. We set it at 20:08:12. Next we set the interval at 00:15:20. That means to open the notepad program from 20:08:12 and repeat the work every 15 minutes and 20 seconds afterwards. In other words, the work will be done at 20:23:32, 20:47:44, 21:02:56 …
c) Please check the option “Use Schedule”. (This option decides whether the action file will be under scheduled running status).

Will I get the registration code at once after I buy online?

Yes. Besides, after you register, you can get more support and help.

Is it complicated to setup Actmaker(Or abcMover)?

No need to worry,it’s quite simple.

How do ActMaker (Or abcMover) run?

After the software completes installation, a shortcut icon will appear on your desktop. Double click the shortcut icon and it will run.

I have bought ActMaker and now I need abcMover, do it need to buy again?

Yes, you need to pay the difference between their price. If you are an old user, we can consider some favorable price.

I need the paper invoice. How can I get it?

You can place the order first, then go to to review your purchase information.